How to Fix Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controllers Problems


Joy-Con Controllers Problems Solving

Joy-Con Controllers Problems

Nintendo Switch comes with a detachable controller which is familiar as Nintendo Switch Joy-Con. You can use the Switch Joy-Con to control the game in all gaming mode: TV, tabletop, or handheld mode. When you are playing in TV mode where the Nintendo Switch is docked, you can attach the Joy-Con controllers of your Nintendo Switch console to a plastic Grip device that comes in the box which is called as the Joy-Con grip. You can also use a Joy-Con charging grip to attach the Joy-Con controllers if you need to charge the controllers while playing the game. You need to connect the Switch Joy-Con controllers to the Nintendo Switch tablet if you want to play it in handheld mode, while for the tabletop mode, you can put the tablet on the table

and detach both controllers from the console. Regarding this, users may have no problem to choose which mode they want to use. The problems are when the Joy-Con of the Switch is not responding or probably responding incorrectly when we use it wirelessly. If you notice the Switch Joy-Con has any problem, read this tutorial on how to fix Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers problems to figure out the issues.


What To Do To Fix Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Problems

Your Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers are said to have a problem when it starts acting beyond normal. One of the possible problems of the Hoy-Con controllers is when you use the Joy-Con controllers wirelessly; you notice the characters of the game you are playing seem to move on their own or do not respond correctly to your commands. Another problem may appear when you use the Joy-Con controllers wirelessly, the controllers respond intermittently. You can’t enjoy playing the game with this Joy-Con controllers issues, moreover, if your Switch Joy-Con controller appears to lose its connection with the Switch console when you use it to play your favorite game. If any of these problems is present, you need to find out as soon as possible on how to fix Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers problems.

If your Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers have any of the problems we have mentioned above, try the following steps on how to fix Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers problems to resolve the issue:

  • Make sure that you have the latest version update for your console.
  • Be sure that you have charged the Switch Joy-Con controllers.
  • Try to move closer to the Nintendo Switch console when you use the Joy-Con controllers wirelessly to make sure that you are not exceeding the distance limit.
  • Make sure that you are not placing the Joy-Con controllers to minimize the interference with the console. Make sure that you are not putting the switch console in the following situations:
    – Behind a TV
    – Near an aquarium
    – In or under a metal object
    – Press against a lot of wires and cords.
    – Within three to four feet of another wireless device
  • Turn off any possible source of interference. It can be an interference of devices such as:
    Laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.
    – Wireless headset
    – Wireless printers
    – Microwaves
    – Wireless speakers
    – USB 3.0-compatible devices

If you find the possible source of interference near the Nintendo Switch console, try to move the devices three or four feet away from your Nintendo Switch console and also from the Joy-Con controllers as well. If the problem is persistent after moving the device, maybe you need to turn them off when you are using the Nintendo Switch.