Nintendo Switch: Games List

Nintendo Switch Games List

Nintendo Switch Games List


Nintendo Switch Games List

The Nintendo Switch games list is one of the hottest topics in the world of gaming at the dawn of 2017. Over the course of the first year of existence for the game company’s latest console, Nintendo is looking to capitalize on its traditional lineup of always-popular characters from Zelda to Mario to Bomberman – as expected – but the future looks bright even for those a little tired blonde damsels in distress and Italian plumbers. In fact, the list of those games that are just now being released in impressive enough to stoke the fires of the imagination of what lies in wait later this year from third-party developers. Skyrim is a definite while something new from Rockstar is a definite maybe. Among those games in the can just waiting to become the latest thrilling entry in the legacy of Nintendo are the following.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild: March 3

The thrilling news here is an open world within the Zeldaverse for the first time. Perhaps reason enough to try out the Switch.

Super Mario Odyssey: Holiday 2017

Bowser. Princess Peach. The most famous plumber since Watergate. What more could anyone want from a game? How about this: another open world including a special area that promises to reveal what might happen were Mario to become part of the real world on the other side of the screen. Your side of the screen!

Super Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: April 28

Eight players were all taking their place in the famous go-karts in the world of video games at the same time. That might be enough to justify the splurge, but it gets better: Inkling Girl and Inkling Boy as well as King Boo, Dry Bones and Bowser, Jr. are getting in on the crazy action this time around.


Arms Games

The Nintendo Switch games list is not all about recycling familiar characters into a new console. Arms is a brand new entry made to take advantage of the particular game-playing characteristics of the Switch. The Joy-Con controllers allow players to use their arms virtually within the context of the game in what is essentially the Switch’s version of Wii Fit.

Super Bomberman R: March 2017

Okay, back to those blasts from Nintendo’s past. A new millennium, a new console, A new look for an old favorite. Not much has changed as far as the narrative—get ready to try killing with bombs—but everything has changed as far how the game is played. Some games work well with a 3D look, and some don’t. Bomberman looks super on the Switch.

Sonic Mania: Spring 2017

Seriously, though, wouldn’t this be a much cooler-sounding game if it was titled, Hedgehog Mania! Well, to each his own, but everything about the classic Sonic experiences of the past in here in glorious 2D. Because…some games work well with a 3D look, and some don’t.

1-2 Switch: March 3

The mini-game anthology is alive and kicking with this original contribution. Consider this the Switch’s equivalent of Wii Sports. Only without the sports themes. But that’s okay because the breakout fun appears to Wild West quick draw where death or glory is highly dependent on real world elements.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: TBA

The wildly popular world of Skyrim had to make the transition to the handheld world of the Switch or, would anyone have even dared considered buying it? Okay, perhaps more than a few, but if your addiction to the Scrolls knows no bounds, then take heart as your purchase of a Switch will not keep you bound to existing consoles to continue getting your fix.

Splatoon 2: Summer 2017

Did Nintendo just create a brand new console specifically for the purpose of giving Splatoon a platform a sequel? Well, no. Still, the timing could not be better. The Switch offers Splatooniacs the chance to try out all new weapons as they make their way through all new levels. And, courtesy of the Joy-Con controllers, multiplayer capability gets added to the inky fun.


The Nintendo Switch games list extends well beyond the highlights mentioned here. The new console is set to provide countless hours of addictive joy thanks to additions like I Am Setsuna, Just Dance 2017, Puyo Puyou Tetris as well as brand new adventures in the worlds of Rayman and Skylanders. Should you make the Switch and play the games ? The answer seems obvious.

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