Nintendo Switch: Joy-Con Controllers

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controllers

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controllers


Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controllers

Nintendo is no strangers to making the controller a key feature of their new consoles. As might well have been predicted this policy has been taken to new heights with the Nintendo Switch, which provides a controller quite unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. The Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controllers is a fascinating piece of technology that crams a vast amount of functionality into a very small sized unit. Some of these features are little short of revolutionary – providing, of course, they find a way of actually incorporating them into a gaming experience.

So without further ado let’s take a close look at this controller and see what it has to offer.


How it Works

Before addressing the key features individually it’s worth quickly explaining exactly how this controller works. In a nutshell, it all comes down to flexibility – this controller is a hybrid that can be used in a variety of different ways.

The unit comes with a ‘L’ and ‘R’ controller which can be slotted into the respective sides of the base console to create a handheld – or what Nintendo refer to as the Joy-Con Grip. This is very similar to what may be termed a ‘traditional’ console controller. Alternatively, they can be used as independent motion controllers like the Wii’s old nun-chuck style – but minus the cables. Also, the controllers can be utilized as separate gamepads when turned sideways, a feature ideal for casual two player gaming.

Unlike pretty much every other console over recent years, there’s no need to purchase any additional add-ons to enjoy this flexibility. The Joy-Con Nintendo Controller is the complete article straight from the box and includes all these functions as part of the standard design.

Key Features

The controllers have built-in motion sensors meaning that they can be used in the same way as the familiar Wii and Wii-U devices. This was of course expected, but it’s taken to a new level with the addition of an infrared camera that allows the device also to measure distance.

According to Nintendo’s glossy PR campaign, this means that actions such as pouring a glass of water now depend not just on lateral movement, but also incorporates an aspect of proximity too. The camera can also measure shapes – as demonstrated by a game of rocks, paper, stone. When combined with the accelerometers and gyro sensors there’s no doubt that this will be the best motion based gaming console we’ve seen so far.

Another interesting feature that has been included in the controllers is advance haptic feedback, or what Nintendo happily call ‘HD Rumble.’ This is an impressive little feature that adds a very subtle yet effective new dimension to immersive gaming. It manages to mimic sensations incredibly well, for example running water or shaking a glass of ice.

Nintendo is apparently also looking to press the social side of gaming as far as possible with the inclusion of a Capture button on each controller. These allow for screenshots to be taken and shared straight to social media – and there are rumors that this will in time be extended to include video playback as well.

Battery life is an impressive twenty hours of continual use and is charged via a USB-C as standard. There is the option of purchasing a portable battery pack for on-the-go charging.

The controllers are either Neon Red Neon or blue at the time of release and come complete with wrist straps. It’s safe to assume plenty of more colors will be released pretty quickly.


Individually the Joy-Stick Nintendo Controller retails for $49.99. Dual packs are available at $79.99.

Joy-Con Controllers Price
 Nintendo Switch Pro Controller  $69.99
 Joy-Con™ controllers  $79.99
 Joy-Con (L)/Joy-Con (R)  $49.99
Joy-Con Charging Grip $29.99
Joy-Con Wheel (Set of 2) $14.99
Joy-Con Wheel

Joy-Con Wheel

Joy-Con Controllers

Nintendo is sticking to their guns with this product. Rather than following their rivals by focusing on raw performance and groundbreaking graphic quality, instead they’re carrying on their well-earned reputation for innovation and immersion. All the signs are that this Joy-Con Controllers could potentially be one of the most progressive and intelligent devices we’ve seen in a long time, providing the games are developed to make the best use of the many features that are included.


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