Nintendo Switch Overview


Nintendo Switch Overview

Nintendo Switch Overview

After much anticipation and its October 2016 trailer release, the Nintendo Switch will finally make its debut in early March 2017, with a retail price of $299.99. The new console will offer new games and progressive features in an attempt to bring the Nintendo brand to the forefront of the gaming industry. Check out this Nintendo Switch overview.

Nintendo Switch Overview

The use of “Switch” attached to the Nintendo name lends itself to its hybrid console which is designed to be used as a portable console as well as the television, granting players on the fly mobility while maintaining configurations for use with home-based settings. The custom software and offerings of extensive libraries and tools lend itself to a very noticeable increase in performance while remaining lightweight and powerful.


What’s in the Box

Inside of the box, you will find:

  • Left/right Joy-Con controllers
  • The Nintendo Switch console unit
  • The Nintendo Switch dock
  • The Joy-Con wrist straps
  • An a/c adapter
  • An HDMI cable
  • A Joy-Con grip

Nintendo Switch Specifications

Unlike the PlayStation 4 Pro, which does not run on a 1080p display format. This games console have a 4k display, the resolution of the Nintendo Switch in comparison is considerably lower, offering a 1280 x 720 resolution and a 6.2-inch display, which also results in a very impressive battery life, lasting from two hours up to six hours.

Charging is also available with an AC adapter and with a USB-C connector for use during mobile play. With 32GB of storage available on board, additional expansion is possible with the addition of a microSDXC card.

How to Play

There are three playing modes on the Nintendo Switch:

The TV mode is accessible via the attachment of controllers to the central module and docks to the television.
The tabletop mode utilizes a built-in stand allowing the screen to be played in an upright position.
The handheld mode is achieved by the attachment of the base unit to the Joy-Cons for true mobile play.

The Joy-Cons feature advanced tactical feedback via the HD Rumble adding to the play excitement of game play.

Nintendo Switch Games

While the complete list of Nintendo Switch games list has not been officially announced, the following games have been confirmed:

1. Super Bomberman R (available March 3rd)

2. Just Dance 2017 (available March 3rd)

3. Skylanders Imaginators (available March 3rd)

4. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (available March 3rd)

5. 1-2-Switch (available March 3rd)

Third-party games available for the Nintendo Switch (release date yet to be determined)

1. Constructor

2. Arcade Archives by Hamster

3. Dragon Quest X/XI

4. Dragonball Xenoverse 2

5. Farming Simulator

6. EA Sports FIFA

7. Cube Life: Island Survivor

8. Minecraft: Story Mode — The Complete Adventure

9. Seasons of Heaven

10. Rayman Legends: Definite Edition

11. Shin Megami Tensei

12. Steep

13. Stardew Valley

14. Syberia

15. Talko Drum Master

16. New Tales of RPG

17. New Travis Touchdown game by Suda 51 and Grasshopper

18. Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers

An online service offering with a subscription-based paid plan will be available in late 2017 for the Nintendo Switch overview and will include a free-trial period. Additional discounts such as free NES and digital games will be distributed. To ensure portability, game cartridges will be offered instead of discs. Local multiplayer options are available for up to eight consoles via online services.

Nintendo Switch with its innovative hardware, anticipated game offerings, and ability to quickly go from a docked TV console to a mobile, handheld, the tablet-like device is planned to bring Nintendo back to the forefront of the gaming industry.