Nintendo Switch Parental Controls


Nintendo Switch Parental Controls

Nintendo Switch Parental Controls

Have you heard about Nintendo Switch Parental Controls? Nintendo has announced that its new game console is coming with an app for parental control. The app allows you to set granular control settings that will control what your children get to view. You can access the switch control through IGN.

Nintendo Switch Parental Controls Guide

The parental control app offers parents an opportunity to remotely control settings such as sleep mode activation and time limits, which allow you to remotely turn it off if your kids exceed the playing time. This post gives you other setting guide and features that you can control on the new Nintendo switch.


Internet Browser

You can restrict its Internet Browser using Nintendo Switch Parental Controls. That’s because you need to know your children are safe from harmful online activities by remotely controlling these settings.

3D Images Display

You can also control the display of 3D images. These controls allow you to make them available in 2D for children under the age of 6 years. This option is not on Nintendo 2DS. That’s because 2DS cannot show images in 3D.

Software Rating

You also restrict Nintendo DSi and Nintendo 3D viewings. That’s based on the ESRB ratings.

  • Sharing Of Images, Long Text Data, Audio or Video
    You need to control what your children are sharing, for example, videos or texts. The Nintendo parental control allows you to restrict what they share.
  • Friend Registration
    It also lets you remotely restrict who they register as friends. That enables you to be sure that only children with good behavior get to be their friends.
  • Viewing of Distributed Videos
    You also get to control which video they view. That’s for those that are rated 13 years and above. It also lets you have control on what type of YouTube videos they see.
  • Online Children Privacy Protection
    It gives you parental consent to any collection, disclosure or use of data from your children under the age of 13 years.
  • DS Download Play
    It also gives you control of the DS download play. That ensures they download only approved games.
  • StreetPass
    You can also get control over the communication with other StreetPass users. Keep in mind that this restriction doesn’t work on Nintendo DSi software and Nintendo DS.
  • Online Interaction
    Another feature that you can control is the online interaction. It enables you to control the exchange of data between your children and others who are not friends through the Internet. However, this restriction doesn’t work on Nintendo DS software.
  • Miiverse
    You also get to restrict the posting and viewing of content on Miiverse. It got made in conjunction with Miiverse along with a system update. That’s on 9th December 2013.
  • Nintendo 3DS Shopping Service
    Another feature of these controls is that you can restrict the use of Nintendo prepaid cards, credit cards and also the purchasing of content in the Nintendo eShop. That will enable you to plan their budget without exceeding limits.

How Nintendo Switch Parental Controls Works

  • Keep in mind that the parental controls don’t restrict outer cameras use. It only controls the external camera settings in the system settings-other settings-outer cameras.
  • The app will function by notifying the players that they have reached their time limits. That’s by giving them notices on the screen’s top left corner.
  • If they exceed them, you can remotely suspend the software they are playing. That’s by using the last resort feature.
  • It can also push notifications on your Smartphone about the most played games. That enables you to know which games they prefer.
  • These parental controls will allow you to reward kids who stick to time limits, for example, on weekdays. You can then let them play on weekends or other preferred days.


You may ask how to use Nintendo Switch parental controls app remotely with your Smartphone? It should be easier using the above guide. Remember the launch date of the Nintendo switch is on Friday, March 3rd, 2017. However, you can also pre-order the console from a limited number of retailers.