How to Wear the Joy-Con Strap


Wear the Joy-Con Strap

Wear the Joy-Con Strap

Wear Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Strap

Wear the Joy-Con Strap Tutorial – Nintendo Switch comes with detachable Joy-Con controller which can be used wirelessly to control the game. Especially when you want to use the Joy-Con controllers for multiplayer where each player uses one side of the Joy-Con controller, Nintendo Switch provides the Joy-Con Straps for each controller to enable as a single controller. If you want to use each controller for each player, you need to attach each detached Joy-Con controller to the Joy-Con Strap. You need to read this tutorial if you want to know how to attach/detach and wear Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Strap to get the complete guideline.

Joy-Con Straps accessories are important parts to attach the Joy-Con controllers when we want to use them as detached wireless Joy-Con controllers. Joy-Con Strap Accessories (model No. HAC-014) are useful to connect Joy-Con controller on either Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controller (Left or Right). Attaching Joy-Con Straps to the Joy-Con controllers can be a simple thing to do if you have familiar with its procedure. Although it is just a simple thing, if you make a little mistake when you attach the Joy-Con Straps to the Joy-Con controllers, it might result in the Joy-Con Controllers are stuck to the Joy-Con Straps. Therefore, we want to share this helpful tutorial to let you know further about how to attach/detach and wear Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Strap.


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How to attach the Joy-Con Straps to the Joy-Con Controllers correctly

The Joy-Con Straps can prevent the Joy-Con Controllers from falling off your wrist. Here is the complete guideline about how to attach/detach and wear Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Strap. If you want to attach the Joy-Con Straps to the Joy-Con Controllers, you have to complete the following steps:

  • Ensure the position of the Joy-Con Straps and the Joy-Con Controllers are correctly oriented. You can align the symbol on the Joy-Con controller with the same symbol of the Joy-Con Straps.
  • Start to attach the Joy-Con Controllers to the Joy-Con Straps by using the rail on the side of the Joy-Con, and then slide the strap downward until you hear a click.

How to wear the Joy-Con Strap

After you attach the Joy-Con controllers to the Joy-Con Straps, now it’s time to see how to wear the Joy-Con Strap. Read the following steps to ensure that you can get the most of attaching the Joy-Con Straps to the Joy-Con Controllers:

  • Place one of your hands through the wrist strap of Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Strap.
  • Hold the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controller firmly in your hand.
  • The Slide Lock on the Joy-Con strap should be in the Lock position.
  • Tighten the Strap by pressing down the strap lock button and sliding it towards the wrist.

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How to detach the Joy-Con strap from the Joy-Con controllers

If you want to detach the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con straps from the Joy-Con controllers, follow the steps below:

  • You need to make sure that the slide lock at the bottom of the Joy-Con strap is in the unlock position.
  • Slide the Joy-Con strap upward without pressing the release button on the back of the Joy-Con controller.